Plumbing and sewer drain pipes can break, clog, leak or fail for many reasons, and it can be difficult to determine the nature of the repair needs when pipes are buried underground or are otherwise inaccessible for inspection. Sewer camera inspections in Atlanta, GA, are an ideal way to diagnose your sewer issues and identify the location and type of repairs that are needed. These valuable diagnostic tools can allow for detailed inspections of your plumbing system.

Reasons for Sewer Line Failure

Some causes of sewer line failures include tree roots, old pipes, and soil shifting. Tree roots naturally seek water, and when trees are growing near the sewer lines, the roots may enter the pipe and cause significant damage. When paper and other waste flows down the sewer line, it becomes entangled in the roots, causing a complete clog and a backed up sewer system. Tree roots will also crack drainage systems and cause leaks into the surrounding soil.

In Atlanta, old pipes that are made of clay can become quite brittle after many years of use, and the entire drain line can collapse. A buildup of grease, organic materials and paper can also cause a sewer problem. When your drains are running slowly or you are seeing leakage near the drain lines, we can inspect your sewer system with a sewer camera.

Sewer Cameras

Sewer cameras are composed of a flexible rod with a small waterproof video camera at the tip. It is designed to be inserted into the sewer pipe while recording video of the condition of the interior of the pipes, and the camera can access pipes as small as two inches in diameter. The flexible rod can move smoothly through the pipe and can follow all the contours of the pipe - including turning corners.

The camera is also able to document the precise location and depth of its location so repair needs can be easily located. Simple plumbing repairs can become very expensive when you are paying a licensed plumber to dig and locate the broken or damaged pipe. Camera inspections mean that your plumber can spend less time digging and more time repairing your sewer lines.

The Value of Sewer Camera Inspections

When we use a sewer camera to diagnose issues with your sewer lines, we will be able to show you the video of the issues that we find. This valuable tool allows us to pinpoint the need for repair or replacement, and it allows us to streamline the process of fixing your sewer pipes. Sewer cameras can also be used to locate items such as valuable jewelry that has accidentally been dropped down a drain.

When repairs are complete, we can use the sewer camera again to check the inside of the pipe to ensure that the repair is complete and waste is able to flow efficiently. Using a sewer camera can save you a great deal of money by avoiding the possibility of repairs that are partial or incomplete. Sewer camera inspection can also be useful when you are evaluating the condition of a home for purchase. Many realtors or home inspectors may recommend a careful inspection of the sewer pipes with the use of a sewer camera.

Professional Plumbers

It is important to hire a licensed plumber or sewer contractor in the Atlanta Metro area to repair your sewer lines. Depending on the nature of the work to be completed, a building permit or specialized skills may be required. Plumbers are trained to construct water and drainage systems that are safe and efficient. A poorly repaired or constructed system may fail - causing more expensive diagnostics and repairs in the future.

Plumbing and sewer line problems in Atlanta are inevitable, and the option to utilize a sewer camera means you can quickly identify issues and repair them efficiently. Using a sewer camera to identify sewer line issues is a cost effective way to eliminate guesswork with the accurate diagnostic ability a camera can provide.

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